Transient Approvals

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Student Procedure for obtaining a transient approval

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  2. Look at our pre-approved state school equivalent course list in the Advising office or on the Webber Intranet.
  3. Meet with your advisor on your choices; course descriptions may be needed. Obtain your advisor’s signature on the Transient Form.
  4. Obtain the Registrars signature on the Transient Form.
  5. Take the Transient Form with you to register at the other school for your selected course(s).
  6. Request an official transcript be sent to Webber International University immediately after the course is complete.
  7. The official transcript must be received within the following semester.
    Have your transcript sent to:

Webber International University
Registrar’s Office
P.O. Box 96
Babson Park, FL 33827